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Private Motor

We offer two types of policies under this form of insurance.

Third Party Coverage

This coverage provides cover to the Insured if his or her car injures someone else or damages property and he or she is held legally responsible.


Comprehensive Coverage

In addition to the coverage provided under third party, Comprehensive coverage provides protection to the insured's vehicle.

Coverage includes but not limited to the following:
Windscreen damage
Catastrophe Perils
(e.g hurricane, earthquake, volcano, etc.)

Additional benefits under the Comprehensive policy are as follows:

  • $500.00
    Limit on Medical expenses (driver)
  • $250.00
    Personal effects limit
  • + Loss of
    use cover


Motor Cycle Insurance

We provide third party and comprehensive cover for motorcycles up to 600 cc at competitive rates.


Motor Insurance Options

Additional benefits for your Motor Insurance Policy

Loss Of Use Cover
In the event that your vehicle is involved in an accident and unable to drive, we will provide alternate transportation for your personal use.

Auto Rescue - Roadside Assistance
This cover is free to all private vehicle motor policies - comprehensive and third party

Service includes

Emergency fuel delivery
Battery failure
Changing of flat tyres
Mechanical or electrical breakdowns
Lockout service
Accident Assistance
Towing service