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After Hours to Report a Claim

For Accident Assistance contact our 24hr Auto Response at 233-8600

In the event of an accident.

Here at Co-operators General Insurance, we are committed to offering quality service. With this goal in mind, we have created this guide in case you become involved in an automobile accident.

We recommend you keep this information in your car as a reference in case it becomes necessary, it is important to take account of the following recommendations;

  • If you are ok, then check other passengers in your vehicle or other vehicle(s) for injuries. (Please lend assistance if possible).
  • Only move your vehicle (if possible) in cases where its location is a danger to you and or others.
  • Only provide those documents requested by the police or other parties involved in the accident. Do not make promises of compensation and never accept liability.
  • Obtain the name, address and telephone numbers of the owner, driver and occupants of the vehicle(s) involved as well as other persons at the scene who may have been witnesses.
  • Also record the vehicle details; registration number, color, make and model.
  • Ask for the official badge number of the police officer(s) present.
  • Please remember to remove all valuables, documents and other personal items from your vehicle.
  • All accidents must be reported within 24-hours where possible. For your convenience, fill out your claim form and complete a written statement. (This helps to facilitate speedy processing of the claim). Contact the claims department.