Commercial Property

Commercial Property Insurance

Coverage is available for various types of commercial properties such as guest houses, apartment buildings, office blocks, small businesses and supermarkets to name a few.

Fire Only

Lost of contents cost by fire


Lost of contents by burglary

Fire & Catastrophe perils

(e.g hurricane, earthquake and flood )

Other perils include but are not limited to the following
Riot and strike
Malicious damage
Burst pipes
Sonic shock waves
Self ignition
Spontaneous combustion
Falling trees
Acts of civil authority
Additional Insurance Policies available to Commercial Clients for purchase
Business Interruption Insurance

This covers the loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster while its facility is being rebuilt. Extensions under this policy include additional expenses and continuing expenses of the business incurred during shutdown.

Employers Liability Insurance

This policy covers your legal liability to pay in the course of the employment, providing that negligence is proven on the part of the employer.

Public Liability Insurance

This policy covers your legal liability to pay compensation to members of the public in respect of death or injury due to negligence on the part of the insured.

Short Term Public Liability Insurance

Sometimes coverage may be required for persons hosting special events. These may include:-

Events includes
Tea Parties
Other Policy Types

This policy covers you as a owner of a business against loss or damage to any insured property as a result of theft or attempted theft, accompanied by forcible and violent entry to or exit from the building.

All Risks

This policy provides cover for items accidentally loss or damaged.


This policy covers you against loss of money normally kept on the premises or whilst in transit.