Personal Property


Comprehensive Cover - Homeowners/Householders

A policy that provides financial reimbursement to the owner or renter of a structure and its contents.

Coverage includes but not limited to the following
Theft or larceny
Lightning and explosion
Malicious damage
Burst pipe
Falling trees
Impact damage
Catastrophe Perils
(such as hurricane, earthquake, volcano, etc.)
Additional benefits under the Comprehensive policy are as follows
Public Liability
Employers Liability
Personal Liability
Alternative Accommodation / Loss of Rent
Death benefit to the Insured
Fire Only cover

Coverage is available for ALL types of structures including timber houses.

All Risk

"All Risk" insurance covers accidental loss or damage to your contents. The Insured is required to provide a detail listing of all property including the make, model number, serial number and replacement value. Items which may be covered are jewellery, fine arts, musical instruments, video equipment, and other valuable and portable equipment.

Contractors All Risks /Houses Under Construction

Contractors All risks covers damage to property, such as damage to buildings and other structures being constructed or to the existing building in which the construction is being carried out. It may also cover liability for third party claims for injury and death or damage to third party property.

Building materials in a locked container are also covered.