Hurricane Tips

General Hurricane Tips

Policy holders should ensure that the sum insured on their property, reflect the rebuilding cost as new. In other words, you should not under insure your property

If at all possible after a hurricane, take photographs of any resultant damage to your home.
Do not wait until the imminent approach of a hurricane to insure your home and contents. Secure insurance coverage early this hurricane season.
Before a hurricane, you should know the nearest hurricane shelter and have a plan for relocation to the shelter if that becomes necessary.
Before a hurricane, you should fill your vehicle with gasoline so that it is available for emergency purposes in the event gas stations are not working.
Other Tips
Before a hurricane, policy holders should ensure that their insurance policies are up to date, e.g. policies have been renewed, premiums paid and sums insured are accurate.
After a hurricane and your property sustained damage, policy holders should have the damage assessed as quickly as possible and present an estimate for repairs and or replacement to their insurance company.
During a hurricane listen to the radio for continuous updates on the system progress.
During a hurricane, you should avoid moving around outside unless it is absolutely necessary: this is because of the danger posed by falling objects and the impact of high winds.
After a hurricane, do not use a car unless there is an urgent job to be done as this should help conserve gasoline.
All policy holders should be aware of the applicable deductible under their insurance policy for catastrophe perils.